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Joybrain counseling is committed to serving the community by providing high-quality holistic counseling services for all people and to making those services accessible and sustainable.

Each of our therapists are dedicated to advancing their own expertise in mind-body healing methods in order to create personalized care for each one of our unique clients that supports whole-person healing.


Accessibility – We believe high-quality therapy should be available for everyone, regardless of social position. We actively work with clients to remove barriers that might make beginning or continuing therapy difficult.

Learning– Each therapist at Joybrain has a passion for their craft and is dedicated to furthering their learning through adopting a commitment to education. We believe in a culture of growth and are committed to regular supervision, personal therapy for ourselves, routine case consultations, and continuing education to make sure we are providing the most innovative care to our clients.

Collaboration– We believe that healing happens in community and that clients deserve whole-person approaches to healing. We have consciously developed a network of like-minded wellness practitioners including psychiatrists, integrative medicine specialists,  acupuncturists, nutrition specialists and body workers to help support our clients across their entire journey towards health.

Balance– As professionals, we are committed to our own work-life balance in order to bring high-quality services to our clients. We recognize our needs for rest, play, leisure, and beauty and we want the same for our clients.

Passion- We are passionate about the healing process! We believe in our work and the power it has to bring healing and joy to the world. We believe each person has unique gifts and talents that the world needs and we see the therapy process as a piece of helping unlock those gifts.

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