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About Laine

I practice a style of counseling called Somatic Experiencing, a mindfulness-based style that teaches practical tools for achieving a state of calm.

My approach is to help clients not only process the story of what happened through talking about past experiences, but to also notice how those experiences feel physically in the body as they are being told. This is achieved through specific somatic practices, including mindfulness exercises, short guided meditations, visualization techniques, and breathwork that happen during each session.

As clients begin to pair their cognitive retelling of the story with an awareness of their emotions, they begin to develop a much deeper understanding of their felt experience and a greater tolerance for painful emotions. In time, as clients expand their capacity for staying with difficult emotions without numbing or suppressing them, they naturally rediscover deep experiences of joy, creativity, and connection.

Accepted Insurance

United Healthcare, Colorado Access Medicaid, Colorado Community Health Alliance Medicaid, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, Health First Colorado, Denver Health Medicaid, Beacon, Northeast Health Partners, Kaiser, Anthem, Aetna, Sliding Scale, Self-Pay 

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